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A Guiding Hand Can Make All the Difference in a New International Business Venture

Domiciling operations in an international jurisdiction can be a daunting task for any sized corporation. Navigating regulations, hiring an experienced staff and learning how to optimize a company’s performance in a new environment are just some of the many challenges faced by multinational corporations. A knowledgeable guiding hand can make the difference between success and failure, and the Bermuda Business Development Agency (BDA) is unparalleled in providing the requisite expertise to make your new international venture thrive.

The core mission of the BDA is to partner with entities considering doing business from the jurisdiction to ensure a seamless domiciling process from start to finish. From making introductions to industry peers already established in Bermuda to acquainting partners with high-level government officials and regulators at the Bermuda Monetary Authority—the renowned regulator of financial services in the jurisdiction—the BDA exists to foster the growth of corporations doing business on the island. Its experts consult with business leaders and advisors representing asset management firms, hedge funds, tech start-ups, biomed companies, shipping management and finance companies and the insurance and reinsurance industries, among others.

Corporations have found the BDA’s concierge service to be an ideal one-stop-shop for regulatory information, trouble-shooting and for making connections to key service providers such as realtors, law firms, auditors and relocation experts. Having these tools at their disposal has given companies seeking to do business on Bermuda a considerable advantage over their competition, which is just part of the reason why Bermuda has experienced a surge in interest from the international business community in recent years.

With decades of experience, BDA’s leaders provide expertise to corporations ranging in size from startups to Fortune 100 enterprises. Regardless of size or international experience, however, today’s savviest companies are taking advantage of the island’s sophisticated business development operations and learning why Bermuda Means Business.

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